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Before becoming a member of the team, Prior Service Security applicants must pass a thorough background check. After that, each applicant must complete the rigorous state certification process at an approved training facility. But, training doesn’t end once they’re certified and on the job. We believe that forewarned is forearmed, so we’re always on top of the latest in security tech, cybersecurity and risk management. And though our officers are trained to respond to any incident in a decisive and professional manner, they’re also skilled at preventing problems from happening in the first place.

When you hire a security officer from Prior Service Security, you’re getting a highly trained, experienced sentinel who will diligently protect you, your assets or your business. From Retail Security to Executive Protection, Prior Service Security has you covered. 

Why Prior Service Security

Hiring a security officer to protect yourself, your home or your business isn’t like hiring any other employee. You need to find someone who is completely trustworthy, has a good head on his shoulders and knows the right things to do if things go wrong. A person who is self-motivated, confident and reliable.

This is why we only employ personnel with prior protection experience from either the Military, Law Enforcement, or Security professionals with years of Security experience in the private sector.

But prior experience isn’t all it takes to become a Prior Service Security Officer. Our employment process begins with a detailed background check run through both the Federal Bureau of Investigations and the Department Of Justice. 

From there, each member of our staff goes through a rigorous state certification process at an approved training facility. Once certified, all employees are routinely audited by our compliance officer to ensure that all certifications are kept up-to-date and that employees are notified in a timely manner about re-certification to stay in compliance with the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services.

Training doesn’t end with certification. We also conduct quarterly training in communications with the public, de-escalation of force techniques, and bi-annual firearms qualifications.

While our security officers are in the field protecting you and your assets, we’re in the office keeping up on the latest security bulletins, advances in security tech and trends in cybersecurity and risk management.

Combine that knowledge with our officers’ field experience and you’re working with a team that can spot and stop trouble before it happens.

When you hire a Prior Service Security officer, you are hiring a highly trained, motivated individual with all the resources he needs to keep you and your property safe and secure. From Retail Security to Executive Protection, Prior Service Security has you covered.