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Welcome to Prior Service Security, one of the most reliable security companies in Mission Viejo CA. We take pride in offering comprehensive security guard services in Mission Viejo CA. When you come to us, expect a customized solution that is designed to fit your budget and needs. We have lived and served in our community for many years and we understand the security challenges that residents of Mission Viejo CA face. Our security guards in Mission Viejo CA are well trained to handle routine security operations in settings like banking halls, office buildings, and restaurant reception lobbies as well as higher risk environments like large events. Our specialists in executive protection in Mission Viejo CA have been called upon to protect VIPs, politicians, and celebrities in our community and beyond. We’ve also served in the manufacturing, industrial and commercial settings.


We Deliver Exceptional Security Services in Mission Viejo

Consider Prior Service Security as a one-stop-shop for all your security needs. We offer very comprehensive solutions to cater to a wide range of security requirements. Being one of the top-rated security companies in Mission Viejo CA, we leave no stones unturned when addressing our client’s potential threats. We understand that every client requires a customized solution that is designed to protect them in their environment. That’s why our security guards in Mission Viejo CA are well trained to always deliver exceptional services. When you choose us, be assured that we will be committed to always deliver reliable security guard services in Mission Viejo CA.

Why choose our security firm in Mission Viejo CA?

To begin with, we offer fast and effective security services in Mission Viejo CA. When you reach out to our team, you can expect your needs to be handled with the urgency they deserve. You will be referred to the best security expert depending on your needs. We are one of the top security guardcompanies in Mission Viejo CA that doesn’t disappoint when it comes to delivering on every promise we make to our clients. We have the best personnel with military backgrounds. We also invest in extensive training for all our officers to ensure they’re well equipped with the skills and knowledge they need to handle today’s security concerns.

We Love The Community We Serve

Our bodyguards in Mission Viejo CA have served the local community for many years and we must say that we are totally committed to protecting the place we call home. From our armed guards to our bodyguards in Mission Viejo CA, all our officers have undergone extensive training in firearms handling and risk assessment to deliver on the job.

At Prior Service Security, we always take time to understand the client’s requirements before recommending any service. Being one of the reputable security guard companies in Mission ViejoCA, we always guarantee our clients a great service regardless of their size.

Need adequate protection for your home, business or executive protection in Mission Viejo CA? Call us today at 949-667-1227.


Motivated Security Guards

Highly trained and disciplined security guards at your service

Licensed and Insured

Licensed by the State of California & insured for your peace of mind

Professional Security

Many of our officers have military and law enforcement experience

24/7 Services

Teams available at a moment’s notice


Retail Security

Prior Service Security’s main objective is to protect the safety and well-being of both customers and employees in a retail establishment and to prevent financial damage caused by shoplifting, robbery, or any other dangers.
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Armed Security

In many situations, a Uniformed Security Officer is enough of a visible deterrent to prevent criminal activity. However, an Armed Security Officer can add an additional level of protection against someone who is intent on committing an act of violence. 
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Site Security

From warehouses to storage facilities and construction sites, a Uniformed Security Officer can make sure your site is secure from theft during the day while you’re working and vandalism while you’re home and asleep.
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Executive Protection

Bodyguards aren’t just for millionaires and movie stars, they’re a modern necessity for many high-ranking executives, politicians, or anyone who routinely transports large amounts of cash or valuable items.
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