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Prior Service Security is a locally owned and operated security firm in Orange CA. We provide a team of highly experienced and professional security guards in Orange CA. When you come to us, be assured that you’ll find committed protection officers in Orange CA who are ready to serve your needs. Our firm is recognized as one of the fastest-growing security companies in Orange CA. We offer a range of specialized security solutions throughout our community.

We have well trained armed and unarmed guards, uniformed officers, and experts in executive protection in Orange CA. Whenever you need us to serve you, we’re happy to deliver. As one of the top security companies in Orange CA, we offer comprehensive solutions which can be customized to suit your needs. Reach out to us for more information on our services and how we can help address your greatest security concerns.


Top Security Professionals In Orange CA

Prior Service Security takes pride in being one of the most committed security guard companies in Orange CA. Clients come to us not only because they are guaranteed the best services but also because we always keep our word. We never make promises that we can’t keep when it comes to security. If we promise reliable executive protection in Orange CA, rest assured that we’ll deliver that beyond your expectations. We can handle all possible threats in your home or commercial building. We’ll give you peace of mind that your people and property are in good hands.

Best Security Guards In Orange CA

We have hired fully licensed and expertly trained security officers. Our experienced team is ready to handle the challenges that come with protection projects. From offering private protection for VIPs and business executives, our company offers a range of security guard services in Orange CA to businesses in different industries. We take pride in delivering beyond your expectations.

Why Choose Our Security Firm

At Prior Service Security, we take pride in being one of the most dedicated security guard companies in Orange CA. Our main agenda is to ensure that every aspect of security is catered for in the best way. Whether it means going above and beyond to protect our clients and their property, we will do it. Our firm is dedicated to serving your needs the best way we know how. Our comprehensive security services in Orange CA will cater to all kinds of businesses large and small.

Prior Service Security is serving the local community at Orange CA. Many people have trusted our officers to deliver exceptionally well in all matter’s security such as bodyguards in Orange CA. We are constantly equipping our guards with extensive skills and training needed to handle today’s security threats. When you seek securityservices in Orange CA at our firm, be assured peace of mind because we leave no stones unturned. We cover all security threats and put mitigation measures to ensure your protection is guaranteed.

Need adequate protection for your home, business or executive protection in Orange CA? Call us today at 949-667-1227.


Motivated Security Guards

Highly trained and disciplined security guards at your service

Licensed and Insured

Licensed by the State of California & insured for your peace of mind

Professional Security

Many of our officers have military and law enforcement experience

24/7 Services

Teams available at a moment’s notice


Retail Security

Prior Service Security’s main objective is to protect the safety and well-being of both customers and employees in a retail establishment and to prevent financial damage caused by shoplifting, robbery, or any other dangers.
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Armed Security

In many situations, a Uniformed Security Officer is enough of a visible deterrent to prevent criminal activity. However, an Armed Security Officer can add an additional level of protection against someone who is intent on committing an act of violence. 
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Site Security

From warehouses to storage facilities and construction sites, a Uniformed Security Officer can make sure your site is secure from theft during the day while you’re working and vandalism while you’re home and asleep.
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Executive Protection

Bodyguards aren’t just for millionaires and movie stars, they’re a modern necessity for many high-ranking executives, politicians, or anyone who routinely transports large amounts of cash or valuable items.
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