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Prior Service Security provides the highest level of professionalism to all clients. Having served Orange County CA for many years, we come with experience in dealing with some of the toughest security challenges in this region. We offer comprehensive security services in Orange County CA ensuring all our individual and commercial clients’ needs are met and possibly exceeded. When you come to us, know that all your potential security risks will be adequately mitigated. We are among the top security companies in Orange County CA that guarantees reliable and professional services throughout. Our company is one of the most sought-after security firms in Orange County CA because of the unmatched service that we deliver to our clients always.



An Efficient Team Of Security Guards In Orange County CA 

At Prior Service Security, all our security guards in Orange County CA come with the licensing and insurance needed to perform their work. Our officers undergo extensive training and background checks to ensure they are well equipped to deliver the best security services in Orange County CA. We have a team of unarmed and armed guards, uniformed officers as well as executive protection in Orange County CA. whether you’re looking for experienced bodyguards in Orange County CA to offer adequate protection to your facility or large event, we promise to deliver.

One of the Top Security Guard Companies in Orange County CA

Our security guard services in Orange County CA are designed to ensure that every client is served in a professional and effective manner. We know that when it comes to security, there’s never a solution that fits every client. Every security service has to be designed to address the client’s unique concerns. That’s what we do at Prior Service Security. We take time to understand all the potential security challenges you face and then provide the right people and resources to ensure they’re well addressed. Our team of bodyguards in Orange County CA comes with the experience needed to address today’s possible threats.

We’ve met numerous clients who don’t understand what it takes to improve the security in their homes or business. If you’re in this position, you are in good hands when you choose Prior Service Security. We offer the best security guard services in Orange County CA no matter the size of your business or home. We will take time to perform proper risk assessments and ensure that the solution we recommend caters to all potential threats. We are among the top security companies in Orange County CA providing a range of services suited to your unique needs.

When you trust one of the top security guard companies in Orange County CA, be guaranteed that your needs will be effectively met. Whatever criminal activity is likely to take place at your business or home, we will address it and put in place measures to mitigate all risks. Our security personnel ensure that all your goals are met regardless of the size of the facility.

Need adequate protection for your home, business or executive protection in Orange County CA? Call us today at 949-667-1227.


Motivated Security Guards

Highly trained and disciplined security guards at your service

Licensed and Insured

Licensed by the State of California & insured for your peace of mind

Professional Security

Many of our officers have military and law enforcement experience

24/7 Services

Teams available at a moment’s notice


Retail Security

Prior Service Security’s main objective is to protect the safety and well-being of both customers and employees in a retail establishment and to prevent financial damage caused by shoplifting, robbery, or any other dangers.
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Armed Security

In many situations, a Uniformed Security Officer is enough of a visible deterrent to prevent criminal activity. However, an Armed Security Officer can add an additional level of protection against someone who is intent on committing an act of violence. 
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Site Security

From warehouses to storage facilities and construction sites, a Uniformed Security Officer can make sure your site is secure from theft during the day while you’re working and vandalism while you’re home and asleep.
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Executive Protection

Bodyguards aren’t just for millionaires and movie stars, they’re a modern necessity for many high-ranking executives, politicians, or anyone who routinely transports large amounts of cash or valuable items.
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